Christmas Service At Faith Chapel
Often we tend to focus on negative stories because that is what we are fed and churches and religious figures are not immune to bad publicity (sometimes deservedly so), but it's nice to take a moment to remember that most churches, regardless of faith, are full of people who wish to better the…
Sightings Of Santa's Sleigh Reported In Billings
With just over a week until it takes flight, Santa's sleigh was spotted on 24th Street near downtown Billings. There was a black covering over 'Rudolph One' that was rumored to be heading for testing near Chief Plenty Coups State Park where the terrain is idea for 'touch and go&a…
Where Does Montana Rank For Christmas Spirit
Since we live in an age where everything needs to be measured and quantified, I suppose Christmas spirit isn't immune from the statistics nerds. Century Link recently ranked Christmas spirit in each state by looking at things like: Christmas related google searches, online shopping for decorat…
What's For Christmas Dinner?
Last year I was going to make a Prime Rib for Christmas dinner, but ended up attending a dinner at someone else's home instead of cooking. This year, I'm thinking Prime Rib. Growing up, it was traditionally ham, but I'm not much of a ham guy. The scary part is, I've never actu…
New Version Of Baby It's Cold Outside Is Great!
I saw this version of the song today and thought it was definitely worth the share. I in no way want to belittle sexual harassment and am a firm believer in "no means no", but as a guy it has gotten a little scary to even try to ask for a date or, God forbid, be alone with someone for the …
Ride The Polar Express In Lewistown
My daughter got to take a trip on the famous Charlie Russell Chew Choo in Lewistown last night. This time of year, the train takes on a Polar Express theme and could be a great holiday memory for your family.
ZooLights and Wagon Rides at ZooMontana
This is one of the few times in my life I will say this, but I wish it was snowy! They've got rides going on this weekend for those who enjoy not freezing in exchange for the lack of winter scenery, but there are plenty of rides scheduled later in the month and if you want snowy scenery, odds a…
Kentucky Christmas Treats - Bourbon Balls
After doing a little survey around the station, I realized that these things aren't too popular in Montana. As a matter of fact, NO ONE I work with has ever had one. Unless you have an aversion to alcohol, I recommend you try them out this year.
Christmas Lights
Yesterday was day 1 of the "Put Em Up Again This Year" Christmas lights at my place. I dread it. I complain about it. Then I do it anyway.

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