No Capitol Christmas Tree, Bullock Admin Blames COVID
"COVID starts fires and kills Christmas trees now? Holey moley." That was one reaction to the news that Montana won't have a Christmas tree in the state capitol in Helena this year. Another commenter called it Bullock's "final little FU on the way out the door."
Christmas Service At Faith Chapel
Often we tend to focus on negative stories because that is what we are fed and churches and religious figures are not immune to bad publicity (sometimes deservedly so), but it's nice to take a moment to remember that most churches, regardless of faith, are full of people who wish to better the…
Sightings Of Santa's Sleigh Reported In Billings
With just over a week until it takes flight, Santa's sleigh was spotted on 24th Street near downtown Billings. There was a black covering over 'Rudolph One' that was rumored to be heading for testing near Chief Plenty Coups State Park where the terrain is idea for 'touch and go&a…

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