No Oldies Today
Sorry no oldies hour today, the computer has completely taken over the controls. That’s scary. Tomorrow we will make it up to you, including the history of the Star Spangled Banner!
Almost Quit Today
So, our computer that controls what actually goes out over the airwaves, went crazy today and wouldn't let me do things the regular way. So, I thought (jokingly) that I was just going to walk out the door and go work some place else.
I've got a problem though...
Unfiltered Computers At Billings Public Library
The Billings Public Library has unfiltered computers that let the user see anything, and I mean anything, they want. The board says the majority use them to pay bills and do their banking without people seeing them. These unrestricted computers are available to those 13 years old and up...
Has Technology Really Made Our Lives Better?
It's conventional wisdom that computers and modern technology have raised our collective standard of living. In some instances there is no argument. Computer models predicting severe weather, GPS's in our smart phones and (in my case) organizational tools like Outlook calendars have saved …