Granger Smith Coming to Billings
Granger Smith puts on a great show and we're excited to see him back at the Pub Station. The Pub Station is a cool concert venue, but it's not huge, so don't wait to get your tickets. They officially go on sale Friday, with a special pre-sale happening for Pub Station Facebook fans
Garth Concert At Notre Dame Stadium
Garth sold out nearly 5 shows here in Billings, so he's definitely got plenty of Montana fans. I thought he did an amazing job at the arena, but just like any other entertainer, he feeds off of the crowd, so the stadium shows are pretty incredible. It's a historic concert that I suggest yo…
Concerts In Montana
I just saw that Kip Moore is performing at the Pub Station on August 2nd. So, I thought I'd check and see who else is coming to Big Sky Country this summer.
The Montana state Fair has Brothers Osborne, Midland and Michael Ray, The Temptations, Jeff Foxworthy and Seether...
Seger Ticket Return
After using your money for 8 months; if you can't make it to the Seger concert on January 29th, Metra gave you 12 hrs to get your money back. They gave you 'til 5 PM yesterday and 'til noon today.
I think you should be able to charge them an inconvenience fee, since they charged you a …
Bob Seger Is Coming
So, if you listen to our show, you'll already know about my list. It's a list of people that I want to see in concert before either they or I depart this world.
The act at number one for many years was Paul McCartney, But, I got to see him in Missoula a few years ago...
Foo Fighters Are Coming To Billings
This will be the bands first time in Billings, Montana but we'll be ready to rock!
The show is at MetraPark on December 9th and is part of their late Fall tour to help promote their new album Concrete and Gold which will be released to the public September 15...
Random Oak Ridge Boys Info
The mighty Oak Ridge Boys play Alberta Bair tonight and I'm excited to see them.
All 4 guys combined are 275 years old. Seriously. Joe Bonsall is the youngest at 69 and William Lee Golden is 78. Golden is the one that left the group in 87 and returned in 95...

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