Best Part Of Your Easter?
I think most folks try to get the family together for Easter. We sure did. And it was the first time we had everybody together at the same time since Mother's Day of 2010.
Must Have Easter Dinner Side
These hideous tubors aren't very appetizing in this form, but that's nothing a couple of sticks of butter, various sugars, flour, eggs, pecans, cinnamon, cream cheese and pretzels can't fix.
Ultimate Guide To Easter Brunch In Billings
If you haven't made Easter meal plans yet, no worries. We've rounded up the best places to get brunch around Billings. Whether it's celebrating with family or sipping on mimosa's with friends, these spots promise to deliver a great dining experience.
Montana's Favorite Flavor Of Jelly Bean Is...
Easter (4/21) and National Jelly Bean Day (4/22) are falling on back-to-back days this year so sales of the sugary confection are expected to hit record levels. One candy maker is calling 2019 the "perfect storm for a jelly bean supernova."
You think a new puppy is a lot of work? Wait until you buy a bunch of chicks for Easter. Do you like the smell of poop and fowl odors (get it)? They are very temperamental and will die in a heartbeat.
Think before you buy because you will be the one cleaning and feeding...
Bunny Jokes
I told a few of these on the air this morning. Feel free to use one at your Easter gathering, or add some of your own here.
What do you call a bunny in a kilt? Hopscotch.
What's a bunny's favorite place to eat? IHOP.
What do you call 100 bunnies all lined up taking one step backwards at the s…
Just a quick note to wish everyone and I mean everyone (get it) a Happy Easter.  It's been quite a week here and we will pick up right where we left off on Monday.  I think we will have some good news for you on the flakes trip too.  See you at 5am...
Easter Memories
Our Easters were almost always at my grandmother's house. The Easter egg hunt, the Easter ham (grandma didn't care much for turkey or chicken) and grandpa filming it all on a super 8 camera.
And, when you're a kid, you don't care for much more than the candy...
Hand Sanitizer
If you plan on eating at one of the many buffets around town this weekend make sure you wake up with hand sanitizer in your Easter basket.  Over the course of 4 or 5 hours just think how many people have touched that serving spoon.  Think of the guy who had biscuits and gravy, went to…

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