The Pizza Math That is Baffling the Internet
Remember when you thought you would never need to use any of that geometry in real life? Well, here's an every day situation where (what should be) basic math can tell you which is the better deal: Two 12" pizzas or One 18" pizza?
Youtube University
I knew I wasn't alone! According to Pew research, it looks like the number one reason people use Youtube is to learn new things. I spend more time than I care to admit on Youtube, but I'm not just watching cat videos, I'm learning how to do things like forging, woodwork, electronics…
Teacher Fired For Giving Zeroes
a 52-year-old woman named Diane Tirado, in Florida who was allegedly fired for giving out zeroes to kids who don't turn in their homework seems outrageous to me. Apparently the school has a policy that you can't issue grades below 50%. Which means the grades are ACTUALLY 0-50% instead of 0…
Little Free Libraries Around Billings
Some people think that reading is an outmoded hobby, but there are still millions of people, young and old, who love the feel of a good old fashioned book in their hand. Not only are people who read regularly proven to be more intelligent, but reading is believed to exercise a different part of your…

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