Voting Today At MetraPark
The election polls close at 8 p.m., so there are still a couple of hours left to cast a ballot.  I wanted to say a quick thanks to the many volunteers who put in a long day today in the name of democracy.  My voting procedure took literally less than 15 minutes...
A New Day
It’s a new day for America after last night’s resounding message that Americans will no longer tolerate the tailspin of irresponsibility by our government.  Hopefully a new direction will lead us to prosperity and the healing can begin...
Buy Ammo
We are only 20 hours away from the election.Buy Ammo If I were you I would head to the store today and buy all the ammo you can.  If Hillary wins there will be a run on guns and ammo like there was when Obama was elected.
Who knows how difficult it will be to buy it down the road.  I.…
The Five Question Game
With the election just 26 days away let’s play the 5 question game.
If you were in the U.S. military who do you think would be a better commander and chief, Hillary or Donald?
Who do you think will be better creating non-government jobs, Hillary or Donald...
I Voted…Have You?
Well, I made it down to Metra Park and exercised my constitutional right to vote!  I even brought our DME(Digital Managing Editor)/Hawk Guy-JP with me too!