Why I Watch Documentaries
It must be my age. I've finally reached a point in my life where my mind needs more than just my favorite albums being played in the background. I need substance. And because of that I watch a lot of documentaries these days.
With my passion for music, I really enjoyed "The History…
Billings Film Fest this Fall
The Gazette reports that the first-ever International film festival is coming to Billings this Fall. 32-year-old filmmaker Brian Murnion is teaming with Art House Cinema & Pub founder and executive director Matt Blakeslee and others to present the inaugural Montana International Film Festiva…
Don’t Try To Fix Stuff Unless You Know How
So last week I found this super cool vintage film projector made in the late 1940's... an "Ampro Stylist 16mm". I purchased it at St. Vincent's Thrift Store at Montana and 27th Street for just $20. I was pretty excited when I plugged it in as all the vacuum tubes lit up.
Tracy Lawrence Set to Make Film Debut in ‘L.A. Dirt’
Tracy Lawrence is set to make his full-length feature debut with ‘L.A. Dirt,’ which began filming in early June in Mobile, Ala. The movie will feature Lawrence in a supporting role, portraying the uncle of an aspiring 18-year-old dirt track racer. The plot will be centered arou…