flakes fencing project

There's Hope
Just as soon as we are all wondering if there is any hope for this crazy country, the Flakes fencing project comes along and gives me great hope.  I was so humbled by the people of Montana and Wyoming who really know what's important.
All of you who helped, donated and gave up your Saturday…
4 Days
The countdown has started for Saturdays project.  Final purchases were made today slated for delivery on Friday.  Remember the convoy leaves K-Mart Saturday at 6 am sharp.
In the words of the great heroes on flight 93, "Let's Roll...
Next Week Is Busy
On Monday we should have more details on our Flakes Fencing Party on August 19th.  Get lots of rest next week because Saturday is all about work.  Thanks to all who are making this a great event.
Enjoy the weekend, see you Monday
Fence Building Party
It's really coming together. We are going to get a big crew of volunteers and go up and rebuild a fence for a ranch couple who lost quite a bit of fence in the fire.
We haven't picked a date yet, but that should be picked by early next week...