Flakesgiving Friday
It's finally here. Flakesgiving. Now in its 30th year.
Today, we will gather with about 300 or so volunteers in the Metras parking lot and put together 1500 complete meals for families to have to stay home this Thanksgiving.
We received $ 5300...
Big Day Tomorrow
It's a big day tomorrow with our Flakes-giving event. Deliveries will go out at about 10:30, the turkey meals will be given away first come first serve at Noon sharp. If you can volunteer some time we would love to have you. Thanks for another great year and we'll see you this weekend and …
Check’s In The Mail
We received these checks this morning and I hope that Fridays pile is even larger. Thanks to all of you for your help. One more day of fundraising then the work starts  Friday at 10am. See you then.
Flakesgiving Boxes
The Flakesgiving box. The actual box starts out holding bananas when it gets delivered to our local Albertsons stores. Then, they get emptied and collected and stored at the Briggs Distributing, pictured above.
This is good for us for a couple of reasons...
Flakesgiving Week Continues
If you were tuned in this morning with the Flakes, you heard "We Are Family", "Cats In The Cradle" and "twenty Years Ago". All songs requested by folks who gave us large donations. And thank you very much.
We also got an I.O.U. from a family who i…
We Are Family
We had a request this morning for We Are Family, when you make a donation to Flakesgiving you get a song. But it really fits. We are about half way to our goal and couldn't do without you. Lets hope for a good day Thursday and Friday. Keep it coming and THANK YOU...
Early Flakesgivings
Every year we get asked how Flakesgiving started. Well, the first year (as I recall) we were just buying turkeys. And year one, we bought 52 and handed them out.
Flakesgiving Week
We feed people this week. Flakesgiving is about families having their Thanksgiving meal together at home. And not have to go out for it.
Friday Fragments
We finished up our "Stop Bys" last night at Octoberfest. I learned that if you are waiting for a table there, you can get a half priced beer to sip on while you wait. They even have a menu with descriptions of all 16 German beers that they stock...
Flakesgiving 2018
For almost three decades, Mark and Paul have organized Flakesgiving and it's one of my favorite things to witness and volunteer for. What makes it special? For me, it's two things:
What You Missed
If you weren't tuned in this morning, you missed quite a bit.
We shared our memories of the morning of the 9/11 attacks while we were on the air on that fateful morning.
We also took our first 5 qualifiers for our trip to Jamaica. If you'd like to get signed up, stop by the Stadium Club in t…
A Special Place
Billings is a special place. Every time we ask for help for someone or some project to help others, the support is overwhelming. This morning we raised enough money to give a young man his life back with a custom fit wheelchair. Insurance denied it, but Billings residents did not...

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