THAT Friend
If you're in a relationship, then chances are that your significant other has THAT friend. You know, the one who talks guy/gal into things that you wish they wouldn't do.
My "Moving Day" Rules
There aren't many folks I'd help move anymore. But if you own a pickup and, God forbid, a trailer, you will, at some point, get asked to help somebody move.
My Political Dollars
Today's blog is unusual for me because I hate blogging about politics. But, my Ring doorbell purchased at Costco turned political yesterday.
Friends And Riding Bikes
I was talking to our 11 year old about friends that I had when I was her age and how the friends I had when I was 11 are not the same friends that I have now.  Friends that I have now are a few from back when we rode bikes all over town, but not very many...
Old Friends
We talked about best friends on our show yesterday. And today is the birthday of a guy who has always been a best friend and now can also be put in the "old friends" category.
Jeff Austin and I met while we were attending the same church in Great Falls in about 1976...
Do You Have Funny Friends?
Today, I'd like to hear from you folks about YOUR funny friends. Here's what I'm talking about.
I've got a friend whose last name is "White". When they got their puppy, they named him "Coors White". Creative.
I have a friend who decorates hi…
"It's not a popularity contest". Or is it?
I was thinking about this recently. And for the purposes of this blog, I'm just talking about coworkers. According the most recent phone list in our studio, we have 20 full time employees here...

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