Governor Bullock

What A Hypocrite
Governor Bullock has joined New Jersey Attorney General Gurbir Grewal in suing the IRS for donor information. But here's the thing: Bullock based his whole campaign on how terrible people from New Jersey are.
Bullock Blew It
Governor Bullock vetoed the school safety bill yesterday, said even the most highly trained and skilled law enforcement officers can make mistakes. You're stupid.
Governor Bullock Should Be Ashamed
Governor Bullock knew about a sexual harasser and didn't say anything. In fact, he covered for him to get him another job in which he sexually harassed another woman until he was fired by Mayor DeBlasio of New York. What happened to our champion of women...
They Hate Millionaires
Rob Quist hates millionaires.  Governor Bullock hates millionaires.  Jon Tester only thinks the middle class is hard working.  He never mentions the hard working upper-class.
What is with these people? Everyone wants to become wealthy...

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