High School Sports

What Are Your Favorite Repurposed Items?
Paul was talking this morning about making stadiums in our area multipurpose. High School football at Cobb Field, for example. Taxpayers built it and ought to get more use out of it. That thought led me to things that have been repurposed.
Rams Homecoming Tonight
The Central Rams are having their pre-game party from 5p-6:30 tonight at Vetran's Park Shelter. Food is from Fuddruckers and adults can get a meal for $8. Students eat for $5
Facebook Fights and Activism
As I stared at that computer screen at 3 in the dang morning, I had to decide what kind of social media day I would have. I saw posts concerning illegal immigration, voting for more school levies vs laying off employees, and about 3 or 4 anti-gun blogs...
Wrestling Tourney
Maybe after the all-class wrestling tourney this week at the Metra, where 14,000 people will watch, the MHSA might consider doing an all-class football championship day in Bozeman. More people would go, more exposure for the kids, more recruiters could see more athletes in a better venue and town wi…
Can't Watch Your Kid Golf
Dumb rule. And these days with social media and using the internet, we can put pressure on the Montana High School Association. And while I'm at it, I'm going to e-mail our local TV sports anchors and try to get them to put some pressure on, as well.
Pet Peeve
I went to a high school game yesterday and paid admission to get in. Now, as a property owner in that district, I already pay property taxes every year.
And it's not the amount that bothered me. It just seems to me that if you're already paying a tax for the facility, you shouldn't be charged even mo…
All State Tourneys
The recent wrestling tourney in Billings attracted 11,600 people.  All classes, all fans in one location in the largest city to crown the champions.  It works so well for wrestling and volleyball and I think it would work great for football too...