Montana's Outdoors Heralded
When it comes to hiking trails, state and national parks, campgrounds or rock climbing, Montana can lay claim to having some of the best in the country -- literally.
Camping In Montana, Where’s The Best Place?
I love to go camping.  Pure and simple.  I love the outdoors, hanging with family and friends and most of all..I love the campfire! The smell, the warmth, pretty much everything about it.  But where's the best place to go camping?
Finally, We Can Hike While We’re Menstrating!
I just read an article in the Gazette that made me kind of giggle... research has been done by a Yellowstone National Park Bear Specialist  to see if women are more at risk in bear country while they are having their pierod.  Turns out, it may be just as safe as anything else we do in bear…