Internet vs. Calls
I think today was the first time that I got more communication from listeners through Facebook, Messaging, and Snapchat than we did from the telephone.
Internet Dependent
I remember getting my first cell phone in 1996. But, I'd be hard pressed to remember what year I finally got internet at my home.
Youtube University
I knew I wasn't alone! According to Pew research, it looks like the number one reason people use Youtube is to learn new things. I spend more time than I care to admit on Youtube, but I'm not just watching cat videos, I'm learning how to do things like forging, woodwork, electronics…
This Is Real: Get Personal Info For Free Here
Over the past few weeks I've seen the occasional post on Facebook about this website and never clicked because I assumed it was some type of cleverly devised spam.
Today I decided to go check it out and it's legit.  This website, familytreenow...
The internet & your address
Last year, I was looking at a potential new place to live out in the Blue Creek area. I loved it. Classic farmhouse style structure with plenty of out buildings on a great piece of property. Everything was going great until the lady showing me the house told me that there was no internet or cell ser…
Local Radio vs All Of The Other Music Providers
This is a combination blog AND survey today. I read an article on this morning talking about country radio vs the other music providers. And this is an argument that I've had with my bosses for years. They all say that Satellite radio listenership combined with what Spotify, Pandora…
Billings, Are Your Kids Safe?
We live in a world of technology. People everywhere have smartphones, computers and tablets with social networks of every shape and size. Our children are getting more involved with these networks by the day. The scary thing is, predators are, too...
Taylor Protects Her Image
Taylor Swift isn't about to let the haters hate when a bunch of adult-site domain names show up on the internet in June. The country-turned-pop icon recently purchased the websites and before they get tarnished by trolls.
1.2 Billion Passwords Stolen
The New York Times has reported that Russian criminals have stolen approximately 1.2 Billion username and password combinations from 420,000 websites worldwide. If each combination were from separate individuals this crime has the potential to affect 1 out of every 6 people on the globe...

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