WATCH: Montanans at White House for Japan Deal
Montana rancher Fred Wacker will be in attendance at the White House Monday afternoon as President Donald Trump is set to formally sign the Japan trade deal, according to an advisory sent out by Senator Steve Daines' (R-MT) office.
Watch Our Women Battle for Gold
The U.S. vs Japan soccer game is on right now!  I found a place we can stream it while at work!!!  Just make sure you've got that, "You bet I'm working" button ready for when the boss comes by!  Go Team USA!
Olympic Soccer
Getting All Stirred Up About Japan
News media never misses the chance to engage in panic headlines. Look, it sells papers. Or it did, no one reads newspapers anymore.
Rush Limbaugh made claims on his show of people going about their normal business of life in Japan and brought all damnation on himself for saying such a thing. Anoth…