Joe Biden

“Build Back Better?” What is Better? Paul’s Opinion
The Homicide rates in the U.S just set an all-time high of 30% according to A.P. There are almost 11 million jobs unfilled in the U.S. and people are refusing to go back to work. Inflation is running rampant, prices are rising faster than we can keep up with if you can get the goods.
Would A Biden Statue be Torn Down
So another prominent Democrat was brought down in a heap of rubble. Here is a question for you, If there was a statue of Joe Biden up somewhere in Delaware, would Democrats want this one to be torn down?
Pro Life Measures Moving Forward in Montana
What a contrast. The Montana Legislature is moving forward to put in place reasonable restrictions on abortion (as much as many of you would like to see it ended entirely). Meanwhile, President Biden put forward a nominee to lead the Health & Human Services Department who couldn't even state one reasonable limit on abortion he would support.
Tester on Tanden, Supporting Controversial OMB Nominee
Neera Tanden is one of the more controversial nominees put forward by President Biden. Shortly after it became clear that her name would be recommended as the head of the Office of Management and Budget, Tanden immediately started deleting thousands of tweets, including harsh attacks on some of the same senators she now needs the support of.

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