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Tester on Impeachment: “The Cake is Already Baked”
When it comes to impeachment- "the cake is already baked." That's what liberal Sen. Jon Tester (D-MT) had to say in this latest Politico piece which notes that several Senate Democrats are now breaking from Speaker Pelosi, and calling on her to transmit the articles of impeachment to …
Tester Downplays USMCA, Walks Back Biden Remarks
Instead of downplaying the USMCA, Tester and Congressional Democrats need to quit sitting on it and get the job done. As for an investigation of the Bidens: Tester answered right the full time. Then his handlers told him the answer he was supposed to give.
Camp Finance: Bullock Busted by The Daily Beast
Markay: "Even as other candidates such as Warren and Sanders decline donations from federal lobbyists, Bullock has accepted their assistance in fundraising for his campaign. And despite his career-long crusade against political “dark money,” some of those same lobbyists represent …
Tester on Trump: “Punch Him in the Face”
Tester: "I don’t think, even in states where Donald Trump won big, that it does you any good running away from Donald Trump. I think you need to go back and punch him in the face. I mean, the truth is that this guy is bad for the country."
The Tester Challenge
Last year, Jon Tester challenged anyone in the media to try to keep up with him for a day. Okay, I'll take the challenge, and I challenge Jon Tester to keep up with me for a day.
Testers Vote
Does anyone out there want to place a bet on how Washington D.C. millionaire Jon Tester will vote on Judge Kavanaugh? Will he vote with the 60% of Montana that supported the President or will he support Chuck Schumer's agenda of  3d's. Destroy, Derail, Delay...
New Commercial
There is a new Jon Tester add making fun of Rosendale because he doesn't have any cows.Tester doesn't have any cows either. And now a new add being critical of Rosendale because he made a living in Real estate? There are thousands of people here that make their living in real estate...
A Big Visit
President Trump is planning a visit to our state on July 5th.This will not be the last of him or others before the election. So I ask, who would Jon Tester like to show up for him? Who would he like to be associated with? Chuck Schumer (New York) Nancy Pelosi (California) Bernie Sanders (Vermont) Bi…

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