Girls Wrestling State Tournament a Huge Success in Montana
Dana had a front row seat for the first-ever girls state wrestling tournament here in Montana, and he says it was incredible all around- Lockwood did a great job hosting, the young women turned out and did a great job wrestling, and the families and friends showed great support.
Lockwood Voters Approve High School Bond
Q2 reports that taxpayers in Lockwood approved a bond issue for a high school to be built, supporting the $49.9 million project on Tuesday with almost 64 percent of the vote. Superintedndent Tobin Novasio said they want taxpayers to be confident in their investment...
Big Day for Lockwood
Today is the day when your ballots have to be postmarked or received at the courthouse. For the folks in Lockwood, you will decide on a new high school. It's a big issue with a big price; so, either way make sure your voice is heard.
Lockwood High School
Ballots went out today for folks in Lockwood. They'll decide if they want a new high school or not. That's the way it should be.
K-8 enrollment is at 1200; it's time for that community to have their own high school. Travel time for kids who drive is at least 45 minutes to Skyview.…
More Storage In Lockwood
Well they are putting up more storage sheds next to Ace in Lockwood. I said that but it looks like there is one guy doing the work. He is making good time when it's not raining and now there are more storage sheds up and ready to rent. More storage units next to Ace Hardware in Lockwood...
Lockwood High School
I like the idea that Lockwood may finally be getting their own high school. Now, sure, I don't live in that district, so it won't cost me anything. But Lockwood needs this school. Badly.
It's good for educations in Montana. It's more teaching jobs...

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