Guys – Ditch the Straws
I did a quick survey around the office and apparently, I'm in the minority on this, but I was raised believing it was bad manners for a male to drink out of a straw. This excludes things like to-go cups or milkshakes, but mainly applies to dinner table edicate.
Take It Outside
Yesterday while I was eating at Arby's on Grand three "shredders" were talking about skating and skiing and dropping F-bombs every other word.  Fortunately there were only about a half dozen people there.
I almost was ready to indoctrinate these 3 on manners when they went to fill up their…
are you offended?
Yesterday a lady and I got on the elevator together here at the Crowne Plaza. We had a bit of time to small talk one another on our 19-floor journey.
She asked me if I had any plans for Labor Day. I replied, "No Ma'am, not yet." The expression on her face went from friendly wit…