Maroon 5

Half Time Shows: Where are the Good Acts?
I don't get the selection process for the halftime show during the Super Bowl. Most people over 35 could not sing along with a Maroon 5 or Big Boi song. Why not get some iconic figures like Bruce Springsteen or Elton John etc? They have broad appeal and are known throughout the world...
Lady Antebellum, Maroon 5, and Kid Rock to Perform at 2011 NFL Kickoff Concert
After a long, cold winter of labor disputes, lockouts, and a few months where it looked like we might not have a football season this  year, the 2011 NFL season is just about ready to begin. And before the Packers and Saints finally take the field for the first game on September 8, some of music’s biggest stars will celebrate the new season with this year’s NFL Kickoff Concert, featuring performan