Rainy Day Memories
Rain, like we're getting today, always brings back memories, mostly about things that happened while it was raining.
Catchy Jingles
I saw a photo this morning that showed it was snowing up at Showdown Ski area. And because my dad was on the radio when I was a kid, I seem to remember a few of the catchier jingles. Showdowns went something like "Get up, get out, theses snow down at Showdown"...
What You Missed
If you weren't tuned in this morning, you missed quite a bit.
We shared our memories of the morning of the 9/11 attacks while we were on the air on that fateful morning.
We also took our first 5 qualifiers for our trip to Jamaica. If you'd like to get signed up, stop by the Stadium Club in t…
Eleven Years On Facebook
I like the "memories" that pop up on my Facebook page each day. But yesterday, FB reminded me that I've been on it for eleven years!
So, now I'm wondering how much time I've wasted staring at it.
I like FB for reminders of people birthdays and such...
Take More Pictures
I got "tagged" this morning about taking more pictures of your significant other. Which I need to do. But also, I just need to have to take more pictures of everything.
I just went through my newer phone. I only have 2 pictures of my girlfriend, but 7 pictures of guns...
My Favorite Bike
Thanks to a post by Jay Burns on Facebook this morning, showing an old bike. it jolted my memory of my old "Aerobee Stingray".
It was beautiful. Handlebars that looked like they belonged on a chopper motorcycle. Black seat with a twin yellow pinstripe...
30 years of Meeting People
Radio is a business where you meet a lot of people and I'm thinking back today on many of the really nice people that I've had the pleasure of meeting since I started on the air, here, in 1988.
Rudy Gatlin. The Gatlins were in town for a show last summer and he stopped by the studio...
30 Years At Cat Country
As I sit and try to think about the most important aspects, events and people that I've crossed paths with working here for 30 years, it's hard to give you the best of each, but I'll give you some of them.
Our very first GM, Keith Tilkens had a combination of business acumen combined w…
Elvis & Me
On the anniversary of the death of Elvis, Mark shares a few memories related to the King.
Glen Campbell
I heard the news of the passing of Glen Campbell yesterday afternoon. Here, on this blog, I won't give you all of the stats for album sales, chart performance, and various awards.
My dad, like Glen, was born in the south and was a musician...

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