metal detectors

Big Timber is All In
Sweet Grass County High School is all in for our quest to get schools the extra security they need to provide a safe learning institution.
Melstone Schools Get Metal Detector From Breakfast Flakes
Melstone is the second school district to take Mark and Paul up on their offer to "give schools another tool in providing kids with the safest learning environment." In March, Shepherd was the first school district to receive donated metal detectors with funds from the Flakesgivng Foundati…
Flakes Deliver Metal Detectors To Shepherd Schools
Cat Country 102.9’s Mark and Paul delivered two new metal detectors to the Shepherd School District on Tuesday morning. Purchased with funds from the Flakesgiving Foundation, the walk-through metal detectors will be used by the middle school and high school in Shepherd.
Another School on Board
In our quest to help make schools safer, we are proud to announce that Melstone Public Schools will now have another tool to use at their discretion, to provide a safe environment for students and staff. We have ordered another Garrett CS-5000 metal detector for their use...
Friday Fragments – 3/8/19
Here's what you missed this week:

We have a new "smart device" in the Cat studio that can find any song. Just say "Hey, MARKSA" and ask for your tune.
During our "JD" game this week, we got a whole bunch of folks guess "Jeffery Dahmer…
Big Announcement Coming Next Week
Be sure to listen next week for a big announcement on school safety. As they say, the ball is starting to roll on this, and we will do whatever it takes to help keep our kids safe. Stay warm, more snow and bitter cold coming. See you Monday at 5...