Mike Pence

CNN Commentator, Leftists Attack Former Daines Aide
Katie Waldman worked as a press secretary for Sen. Daines. Recently, she was hired by Vice President Mike Pence. But it's her personal life that is making her the subject of despicable attacks by Leftists, Never Trumpers, and at least one CNN commentator.
RAW VIDEO: VP Mike Pence in Billings, Montana
VP Pence landed in Billings around noon Wednesday before delivering remarks at Riverside Health Care following a meeting with the HIDTA Task Force. The motorcade carrying VP Pence then traveled to a neighborhood near downtown Billings where the delegation got to meet with some young Montana moms who…
Keep Your Eyes On The Sky Today
I am a fan of American might. There will be a lot of it on display today in the skies above Billings as the vice president, Mike Pence flies in for some campaign appearances.
I went and parked at a spot in the heights the last time Bill Clinton visited, just so I could watch Air Force 1 take off from…