montana fair

Fair Survey
It's fair time in our town, and I just want to ask you two questions about it.
1. What's your favorite thing at the fair?
2. What's your least favorite?
Free Admission To The Fair
Paul has been trying to get the county commissioners here to let people into our fair for free, for years. And now, Missoula is going to do it. It's time for us too.
Let your county commissioners know that you like this idea.
John Ostlund    256-2701
Robyn Driscoll 256-2701
Dennis Pittman…
You Know The Fair Is In Town When….
You know the Montana Fair is in town soon when you see the two giant poles that is part of the slingshot that makes you wet your pants.
You also know it is Montana Fair time when every truck on the road is being driven by a guy with a ten gallon hat and pulling a horse trailer...
Sticky Fingers Not Needed at Fair
One of the best things at MontanaFair is the food. Mouth-watering all the way.
I personally love the burgers, elephant ears, cotton candy, well, everything.
I have to say though, don't get sticky fingers, meaning, pay for what you want...
Fair Time Fun in Billings
When I was a kid, my favorite time of year was fair time. Yep, it even beat out Christmas for me.
It was a time for me to hang out with my friends, eat some incredible food , (Yes, I’m a fan of fair food, who isn't?), ride the rides, people watch and, of course, see some really g…
Kazual returns
A huge part of Montana Fair is always the free entertainment though out the day.
This year proves to be no different.
Back by popular demand for the 100th Anniversary of Montana Fair will be the acapella group Kazual.
They will be playing three time a day on the Pond Stage...
Chris Young Concert Pics
Prior to the kickoff of the Chris Young concert at Metra Park I had a chance to say hello to all of my adoring fans... the ones who've actually heard of me... yes, both of them. Lol. Actually I got to bribe all of our listeners into liking me and there is no better way to do that than by giving stuf…

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