Montana Legislature

Has there Been a COVID Case Spike in Helena?
Well, we're about a month in to the legislative session. So I figured it might be a good time to throw out a question. Have we seen a massive spike in COVID-19 case numbers in Lewis & Clark County, the home county of our state's capitol in Helena?
18 Year Old Running for Montana Legislature [AUDIO]
She's 18 years old, a senior at Billings Senior High School, and she's running for the Montana Legislature. Mallerie Stromswold is running as a Republican in House District 50, challenging the self-described "Democrat Socialist" who currently holds the seat.
New Laws in Montana
As our legislature mulls over which bills are going to become new laws, I'm wondering what we, the average Montanas, think we need from Helena this session.
One that comes to mind right away is putting the speed limits back up to 80 mph starting right after the Shiloh on-ramp when you're we…
I'm Split: Beer at Amateur Sporting Events?
The Montana Legislature is considering a bill to allow beer at amateur sporting events. It would lower the requirements for seating and also lower the permit cost. It could help raise revenue for things like legion baseball etc. but also elevate the number of rambunctious fans in attendance...
Montana Legislative Guides, App Now Available
You know it's gonna happen. You're going to hear about a bill that you either support or oppose, and you will immediately want to contact your legislator. So, what's their number? What's their email? Check this out from the Montana Electric Cooperatives Association:
Recount Update: HD 51 and Yellowstone County Judge Race
Republican Frank Fleming (R-Billings) held on to survive a recount, and remained as the victor on the House District 51 race for the Montana legislature. So what about the other recount requested in Yellowstone county: the judicial race between Ashley Harada and Juli Pierce. That recount is expected…
Everybody's Taxes Are Going Up
Thanks Montana Legislature. They are going to raise the tax on a gallon of gas 4.5 cents. Eventually rising to 6 cents. On every stinking gallon. Shame on you guys in Helena.
I don't remember the political ads where ANYBODY said that once they were elected that they would vote to raise gas taxes…