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I see that the Billings Gazette is shutting down the place on their website where regular folks could comment on their articles. I think that is too bad. We know exactly what they are going through because we get the same stuff on our required blogs...
Online Courses for Elementary and High School Students?
In an effort to accommodate students with varying levels of advancement and in reaction to state budgetary cuts, at least 30 states in the US now let elementary and high school students take all their courses online. According to Evergreen Education Group, a consulting firm that works with online schools, an estimated 250,000 students nationwide are enrolled in full-time virtual schools, a 40 perc
Listen to KCTR Online – Check Out Our New Streaming Player and Playlist Pages
We've got a great new way for you to listen to KCTR online and check out what songs we're playing on the radio right now. Hit the Listen Live button on the right side of this page to open our new streaming player - where you can listen to us online, read more about the songs and artists you're hearing, and look back at what we've played. You can also buy songs on Amazon or iTunes.
The Best Online Card Sites for Mother’s Day
Whether you've already splurged on mom or are panicking at the last minute to find an easy way to show your appreciation for all she does, have no fear. The Internet is here to save the day with online Mother's Day cards. Some showcase your sense of humor, some get all mushy gushy and heartfelt, but all are delivered instantly with no postage cost.