Remember: Monday is April Fool’s Day
Usually this is not a holiday that I partake in, but this year I've been debating whether or not to prank my daughter. She's taken to the habit of scaring me lately e.g. sneaking up behind me and saying, "Hi daddy!" in a loud voice. Pretty mild as far as pranks go, but it still…
Register for Kids Bowl Free
I know we're just barely into Spring, but it's already time to start thinking about what to do with the kids when they get out of school for the Summer.

I'm a big fan of things that keep them off the couch and lie somewhere between free and cheap. Pricewise, the "Kids Bowl Fr…
Your Kids Aren’t Grown Until Their 30’s
So, for today's parents, do you have an age in mind that you will demand your kids be on their own? I don't mean that you wouldn't give them a place to stay if they needed it or let them starve or any such other cruel thing.
What’s Your Kid’s Most Expensive Hobby?
Dance is my girl's thing. I am grateful that she has something that she works to get better at. It's good physical exercise and has many lessons (dedication, reward, etc.) that translate into lifelong, beneficial concepts. However...IT'S EXPENSIVE! Not only the tuition costs, but …
Another Great Family Life Expo
A lot of work goes into events like the Family Life Expo and I just wanted to say thanks to all of those involved in giving me some great new memories with my daughter on Saturday. I'm not sure how many more years she will want to spend Saturday afternoon with her Dad, so I'm enjoying ever…
The Best Six-Figure Job in Billings
With those two things in mind, I thought I'd share something I came across today. There are definitely plenty of 100k plus jobs out there, but most of them come with a lot of stress, a poor balance of home and work life and often little time to enjoy the things in life that your big salary can…
Potential School Crisis Averted
At this point I have no idea how this situation was identified, but I'm grateful to whomever made the call. This may never have been a real threat, or we could have been added to the list of cities where tragedy struck. I for one am glad we didn't take chances.

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