PBR At Metrapark This Weekend
Professional Bull Riding is one of the most dangerous sports in the world and with deep roots in Montana, it's no surprise that tickets for this weekend's PBR are a hot commodity.
PBR Security
Q2 reports that additional security measures will be in place at the Professional Bull Riders competition at the Rimrock Auto Arena this weekend. MetraPark put out a list of items that will not be allowed in the arena today, Saturday and Sunday...
PBR Tickets Galore This Afternoon!
Unless you haven't noticed, The PBR is in town and the action is happening at Rimrock Auto Arena this week! It's an event of ground poundin' action that is not to be missed and I have the hook-up just for you!
Making A Comeback
Now that hunting season is here it's time once again to see what's hot and what's not. I'm pleased to report that Pabst Blue Ribbon and Original Coors Banquet beer seem to be making a comeback. The leading two brands that I'm finding on our roads...

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