Smartphone, Dumb Owner
So, I'm sitting at our little girl's basketball practice last night, waiting for the girls to wrap it up and we can head home for dinner. So, I thought I'd whip out my smartphone and check out the updated "Apps".
I am now currently locked out of my main bank account, …
I've got a smartphone, but I certainly don't need one. The old flip phone worked just fine for me. But, my contract was up and my sales person was good, and the next thing I know, boom, smartphone owner.
So now, the new i-Phone SEVEN comes out today and people around the country are lining …
Ill? Stay in Bed, Still See Your Dr.
SCL Health is the first health system in Montana to integrate physician video visits for patients. The new service comes through a partnership between SCL Health and Doctor On Demand, the leading video medicine provider.