Hello Mr. Snow Creature
When Mother Nature gives you roughy 48 inches of snow .. make a snowman, or in this case a snow creature. I think we can all agree that we are about done with all of this snow and are looking forward to spring and warmer temperature. It could be worse, we could have the current weather that Denver a…
Billings’ School Buses Resume Regular Routes Friday
Billings Public Schools have lifted the alternate bus route schedule and will return to normal routes starting Friday, January 24. BPS had alternate routes in effect since the first round of heavy snow hit Yellowstone County on Monday and extended the routes when a second winter storm dropped anoth…
It’s Coming
We could get dumped on this weekend so get ready now. Some areas could get a foot of snow so that gives you about two days. I know 131 people who are looking forward to Jan.18th but until then, here it comes.

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