5 Feet High and Rising
As you can see, I'm already having problems with runoff. It's only going to get worse this week, so, get ready. There is an old saying that water always wins and it's true. It will be over soon and green grass is on the way. Finally.......
Have you noticed that there is still snow in the mountains?
I knew an old timer that said "If there is snow in the mountains in July, hail is on the way".  We'll see, at this point any moisture would be welcomed in eastern Montana.  Hang in there, and we will see you …
What a Difference
Things change in Montana so quickly.  I took the first picture on Tuesday after I got my 4-wheeler stuck, the next picture was taken 24 hours later.
We have such extremes here.  This is a great example of what they mean about preparing for all types of weather...
Remember Summer?
With all of this snow on the ground I thought it was time to bring out this picture I have been saving from summer. I had a remote the day this was taken and Tim, Kara, Greg Self and Kelsey had stopped by the house for a couple of cold ones...
People All Over Billings Stuck In The Snow
I drove my car yesterday, the day before that, and the day before that. And while there was snow on it each morning, it wasn't anything like today. On Saturday and Sunday morningI just brushed off the windows and went about my merry way.

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