Frozen Eggs
Friday night and into Saturday morning the low is forecast to be 16 degrees. Keep this in mind when you hide things for your Easter egg hunt. Things might get a little frosty. Wear your bunny fur gloves and earmuffs.
Red Robin UMMM
It won't be long now. I took this picture on Saturday while taking care of the cows before the blizzard. Mother nature always knows and I think all of us are ready for a change. It's a good sign........
Where Does Time Go?
Wow how time flies. Hard to believe this was just five months ago, now we are heading to cold and snow.  This always makes us look forward to Spring, a new year and new hope and new life. Have a great weekend.
Spring is Here
Spring is always a sign of new life and yesterday I was reminded of that with these little guys who took up residence in my shed.  Then I thought about the wild cats that are also on the prowl this spring.  It's a life lesson on only how the strongest survive...
Let Them Drop
Montana ranchers are relieved that we finally are getting a break in the weather.  Every time a calf hits the ground $800 is added to the Montana economy.  Spring and calving is a time of new hope and promise for folks in agriculture.
Things in agriculture were not good in 2016, cattl…
Running with Safety: Tips for Running Smart
Last Wednesday night, I decided to take advantage of the warm evening air and go for a run. About a mile in, I came upon another runner who was on the other side of the road, running in the same direction. As we exchanged strides, I began to wonder if I was on the right side of the road. My question…
Zac Brown And Jimmy Buffett Together [VIDEO]
Fresh off his performance on the ACM Awards show with James Taylor, Zac Brown released this video "Knee Deep" with Jimmy Buffett.  What a perfect song for the spring and summer!  Grabbed this for Cat Country listeners as soon as I saw it...
MLB Spring Training
The boys of summer are done hibernating: MLB spring training is in full swing, so to speak, down Florida (and Arizona) way.