What Does “Springfield” Make You Think of?
In a random moment this morning in the control room, somebody mentioned "Springfield." Paul said it made him think of the town in Illinois. Our guest said the hometown of the cartoon family, "The Simpsons" came to mind for her. For me, it was the group Buffalo Spr…
Studio Tour
"You guys work at the top of a tall building and you must have great views." We do have great view of anything north of us. But inside our ultra luxurious studio, you'll find things like CD storage. I know, impressive.
We don't play a lot of stuff from compact disc these d…
Tim McGraw Shares Studio Photo
Tim McGraw is generous with photos of his handsome self on Twitter. A week after sharing a shirtless pic, showing off his buff chest and muscular arms, which generated quite a bit of chatter in the process, the singer tweeted a photo from the studio.
Brad Paisley Brings Fans Into the Studio in New Video
To keep fans updated on the progress of his next album release, Brad Paisley will be posting weekly videos of his time in the studio, where he’s hard at work on new music. This week, you can see exactly how much work country star puts into his records as he throws down vocal tracks, …