Overnight Summer Camps for Kids in Montana
I grew up in an era with lots of Summer Camp movies. Meatballs, Ernest Goes To Camp, Camp Nowhere, Friday the 13th...almost all of those movies made me want to go to summer camp, but it just wasn't an option where I grew up.
Register for Kids Bowl Free
I know we're just barely into Spring, but it's already time to start thinking about what to do with the kids when they get out of school for the Summer.

I'm a big fan of things that keep them off the couch and lie somewhere between free and cheap. Pricewise, the "Kids Bowl Fr…
Perfect Summertime Food - Just Add Salt
I can't imagine a summer without having some watermelon outside at least once. The perfect end to a meal of grilled burgers, dogs, and the typical sides. Recently, while at such an event, I did my usual routine of grabbing a big slice of watermelon and then putting a nice layer of salt on it.…
Who's Got Your Favorite Patio?
I spend too much of my time inside an office or studio and even though we do have a great view, it's no substitute for fresh air and sunshine. In addition to the physical outdoor activities I've been doing (mainly riding bikes with my daughter and taking walks), I'd like to start do…

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