FCC Fines Robocallers for Caller ID Spoofing
You've likely received a call from a 406 number (sometimes one that's really close to your own number to compel you to answer) only to find out that it was some telemarketing call. Perhaps you have also been on the other end where your number was used as one of these fake caller id's…
Do Not Call List
If you've been getting telemarketing calls that you don't want to get, call 1-888-382-1222 and register your phone on the Do Not Call list. You can also register online at
However, this will not entirely stop those calls...
My Almost Mother-In-Law's Battle With Telemarketers
It is rare that I get a telemarketing call these days, but for people who still use landlines, they are a frequent occurrence.
You might be saying, "People still use landlines?" Believe it or not, they're not gone yet.
In fact, my almost-mother-in-law Peggy has a landline as her…