Trip Diary: Iberostar Grand Rose Hall, The Resort
This is a photo of one of the pieces of artwork that caught my eye at the Iberostar Grand Rose Hall from last week.
Most of the pictures that our group took seemed to feature the beach, the pools and all of the plant life. But the resort was incredibly well kept and has a LOT of tiles that got polish…
Flakes and Guests Party at Flamingo Beach
I don't know if the beach at our resort was actually called "Flamingo Beach" or not. But that's what the weather app on my phone said. And that sounds "vacationy", so that's what I'm going with.
Each year we have a private beach party exclusivel…
Trip Of A Lifetime
Tonight is your first opportunity to get qualified for the Flakes trip. Stop at the Stadium Club in the Heights and get your invitation to the final party in November. We would love for you to join us and 126 others in January - if Jamaica sounds good to you in the winter...
Secrets Capri
We got this picture sent to us this morning from a lady who's with our group, but got to the resort a few days ahead of us.
All the rubbing it in aside, I am thankful for the chance to go on these trips each year. Every year when we arrive, I walk down to the beach and stand there and listen to …
Fading Away
As we get ready for our big trip, I just thought of something that is slowly fading into the abyss.
No one sends them anymore.  Now its instant pictures, texts and videos. Places still sell them, but most people don't bother with them anymore...

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