Are You Getting A Flu Shot? (POLL)
At my annual physical this week, they offered a couple different vaccinations. One was a tetanus shot that also protects against whooping cough. The nurse said I due for that one since it's been 10 years. So she stuck me with that one.
Why Vaccinations are a Must
Did you know that kids can die from measles, go deaf or have other developmental problems? There are serious outbreaks in Washington with measles and now mumps in Bozeman. We MUST have a no tolerance policy when it comes to vaccinations at our schools...
Where To Get A Flu Shot In Billings
Hello beautiful people... and anyone named Josh, you can get your flu shot at most pharmacies in the Magic City area as they'll usually charge your medical insurer directly and of course you can go to Billings Clinic. Otherwise you risk fever, chills, nausea, sleeplessness etc...