Valentine's Day

The Cost of Weddings in Montana
We're a couple of days past Valentine's Day and odds are we have quite a few couples thinking about taking that big leap into matrimony. Now it's time to start looking at the reality of what a wedding in Montana costs.
Singing Valentines In Billings
I called the number listed on the tear-off tab of their flyer and it goes to an answering machine (I would say voicemail, but this might be an actual answering machine). According to the message, you simply need to leave your name and number and they will call you back to arrange your singing valen…
Dedications on Valentine’s Day
When I first got into radio, dedications were a big deal. We would do hours of them in a row. Of course, the problem with that is that you end up with a lot of mushy back-to-back ballads. Regardless, I'm bringing them back Thursday for Valentine's Day.

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