Any Big Snows Left Before Spring?
Any big snows left before spring? My prediction is we see another couple of snowy days, but no accumulation above an inch for either. If I'm wrong, I won't feel bad. There are many who go to school for this sort of thing and get it wrong all the time (except for Bob McGuire of course).
What Temperature Do You Call Warm?
For me, it's short sleeves and jackets by 40, and shorts by 50...but I'm one of those "always hot" kind of people. In fact, now that everyone is gone, I have the A/C on in the studios.
Weather Extremes: What's Your Preference?
I would much rather deal with the heat than the cold. Cold weather is so hard on equipment and livestock--it's a constant battle. You can at least use your hands or find some shade in warm weather. Below zero is brutal, especially with the wind...
16 Inches Of Snow In Yellowstone County Since Monday
The National Weather Service released preliminary snowfall reports showing 6.0 inches fell in parts of Yellowstone County on Wednesday. On Monday, NWS reported 10 inches of snow fell in the northwestern part of the county. Carbon County had the high mark for Wednesday's snow storm with 7.5 inc…

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