Zimmerman Trail

Don’t Forget
Don't forget that Zimmerman trail will be closed tomorrow, 11/27 between 9am and 4pm. A little painting then we should be good for a while. I think we should put a cuss jar at the top and bottom tomorrow.
Zimmerman Trail Opening Delayed
If Zimmerman Trail is part of your daily commute it looks like you'll be taking the long way home until sometime during Thanksgiving week. Whether or not it happens that week is dependent upon weather, but that's the earliest it will open.
The Zimmerman construction project is on schedule for completion Nov.12. When the project is complete, I wish it would be a no pedestrians allowed road. There is too much traffic, cars and trucks, to provide a safe route for Joggers and bikers even with the new road...
A view from the top
The Zimmerman Trail closure continues because of the reconstruction.
While it is closed, I thought it would be interesting to take a look at what is being done.
Thanks to an inside source (my brother who is working on the project) I took a tour of the project today...
Don't forget Zimmerman construction starts Monday. There will be delays on highway 3 with slower speeds at that intersection. I know, put a quarter in the cuss jar and please move forward.
Montana Department Of Transportation App
Zimmerman Trail is closed until November. The west Laurel Interchange is down to one lane in places.
And if you're traveling, you should download the Montana Department Of Transportation App. It shows all road construction, state wide; It also shows road incidents...
Zimmerman Trail
In case you haven't heard, Zimmerman Trail is now closed to vehicles through mid-November. Although, pedestrians and bike riders can still use it.
But, the part I like is now you can sign up to get updates on the project, Call 1-800-838-9844 or text "hwy3zimmerman" to 555888 an…
Here’s Why Zimmerman Trail Is Still Closed [VIDEO]
According to Billings Public Works Director Dave Mumford there would normally be between 6000 & 7000 vehicle trips per day up and down Zimmerman trail in west Billings. The artery was supposed to reopen a couple of months ago but sandstone kept falling from the cliff of the north rim making …

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