It's funny how my television sports viewing is affected by the announcer that's calling the event. I think that Keith Jackson was the perfect guy to call college football.

Curt Gowdy and Jim McKay, and Howard Cosell were enjoyable during Olympic coverage. And John Madden and Pat Summerall were my favorites for NFL games. (with honorable mentions to Vern Lundquist, Dick Enberg, and Al Micheals)

And I've never met Brent Musburger, but he's my favorite. He is the quintessential guy for everything from NCAA games and March Madness to The Little League World Series game he called when Billings had a team in it.

And that's why I'm disappointed that i'll have to sit through Bob Costas anchoring the Olympics from Rio. To be honest, I wasn't his biggest fan BEFORE his anti-gun speech 4 years ago on Sunday Night Football. Dear Mr. Costas, I tuned in to see the game. I have no interest in your politics.

Then there's Marv Albert. Great play by play guy. I've enjoyed his NBA games for years. But, he gets caught wearing some ladies unmentionables and now I'd rather hear somebody else call basketball.

It's just one of my weird "isms". Heck, I still miss Dennis Miller on MNF. He was smart and funny. Completely misplaced, but still funny.

I'll still watch the Olympic coverage, but not when Bob Costas is on.