"Momma and Jesus" is the song that best illustrates why Music Row is so excited about Tucker Beathard. It's an honest bad boy anthem that follows convention like a great song from Eric Church.

Which is to say, it doesn't. "Momma and Jesus" relies on country themes (like mama ... and Jesus), but sonically separates itself from others with a goading guitar lick. Before he even begins, the arrangement creates a chorus of sinners looking for redemption. It's as if Beathard is backed by his trouble-making friends on this song.

There's always room for a bad boy trying to do right on the radio. "Momma and Jesus" doesn't leave one with much hope that Beathard is truly finished upsetting the song's namesakes, but that may be a good thing. Like Church, his music benefits from his rebel style. He may need to live the life a few years before settling down. That's an exciting prospect.

Did You Know?: Tucker's mom has got it going on.

Listen to Tucker Beathard, "Momma and Jesus"

Tucker Beathard's "Momma and Jesus" Lyrics:

"Sometimes I drink a little too much / I've been known to smoke and cuss and fight just because / And I've run out of breath doing my best to keep up with these demons / And I've let down momma and jesus." 

"I'm gonna run out of road before I run out of tread / I find a line to cross every chance I get / If the wild runs out, if I ever settle down Lord knows it ain't no secret / It's all about the grace of momma and Jesus." 

"So I'm gonna shoot this last light out / Get a little lost before I get found / I'm gonna burn this last one down and then turn it around / Before momma and Jesus run out of reasons / For not giving up on me."

"You can go to hell rolling off your lips / And you crushing out my love like a cigarette / That same old story, I'll change I'm sorry / But the only one who forgive me / Are me, momma and Jesus."

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