I am one for the big show. Lots of lights, computerized music that runs the light show and plenty of decorations. I actually feel really behind this year because we haven't done that much with our house. Nonetheless, we are decorated, the lights are up and have been ever since Thanksgiving.

My question is, are there ever too many lights and decorations? I say no, but there are those who say a big belly fulla jelly YES.

I guess I'm not alone either but when it comes to Kathy and Mark Hyatt, there's trouble to be found.

They've transformed their home into a 200,000-light spectacle, with Santas, reindeer and candy canes blanketing the lawn, snowflakes and angels twinkling in the sky, and a sign over the garage beckoning visitors to "Believe in the Magic of Christmas."

Their neighbors and the city aren't so thrilled, though.

The Hyatts are the target of a lawsuit. The city of Plantation is seeking to shut down their display that it deems a public nuisance, but our friends are not backing down.

Their neighbors say strangers knock on their doors asking to use the bathroom, cut through their property to see the display and leave trash in the street -- all complaints Hyatt contends are untrue or exaggerated.

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