What makes Keith Urban unforgettable? Start with his music, then move to his guitar skills, and maybe work your way over to his time on American Idol. Oh, but don't forget about his beautiful wife and his Vince Gill-like willingness to collaborate.

This 7 Unforgettable Keith Urban Moments video features clips from all of the above and more. Urban came to Nashville from Australia in the early '90s and immersed himself in the local scene before taking a break from his solo career and finally reemerging to become one of the biggest hitmakers of the last 20 years. His up-and-down career has been on a big up for nearly a decade, about the time he married Nicole Kidman.

Other moments that make our list include his biggest awards win and that commercial he did with a certain talk show hostess. It was almost too hot for television! Okay, it was actually almost too funny for TV.

Watch these unforgettable Keith Urban moments and then start the conversation about your No. 1, or one you wish we'd included.

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