While the farmer is still working the farm and cutting the hay, I’ve been very busy too. Last week we took vacation. It was nothing glorious. It was just a week off, spent around the house working on a few chores, seeing a few concerts. But I got a lot done!

With the wind storm that came through last week, the little girls swing set was knocked over. The little girl cannot have a non-functioning swing set in the summer. It’s not feasible. So now you know my chore list last week – fix it!

Now if Paul tells the story, it sounds like what I did was a little chore…of course it was to him. I don’t own a farm. Every chore I have is small in comparison to his list.

I had to cut some 2 x 4’s, drill 12 holes and stabilize the swing set. That was almost a ½ day work (if you count my union breaks)…But I gotta be honest, there was a point where I thought about junking the swing set and going to buy a new one that was already put together. Sometimes the path of least resistance looks real good, but I persevered!