This morning, Mark and Paul were talking about Montana's early settlers.  Back in the 1800's, food was so scarce in the wintertime that people almost hunted rabbits to extinction.  Unfortunately for Paul, rabbits managed to survive, along with prairie dogs and antelope.

That conversation led into this week's Weird Wednesday Topic:  If you got into a time machine and traveled back to the Old West, what modern conveniences would you miss the most.

Besides heat and electricity, Mark and Paul couldn't imagine what life would be like without refrigerators.  The mere thought of a world without cold drinks is frightening.  These days, we complain when our drink isn't cold enough.

One lady called in to say she probably would not have enjoyed butchering and preparing her own meat.  She loves to eat it, but she'll pass on plucking the chicken.  Mark understands that.  He can barely look at rare steak.

A guy said he couldn't live without basic hygiene.   Our resident germophobe Paul agreed.  It's one thing to bathe without hot water, but we have to draw the line at no hand sanitizer.

Another gal dialed up the Flakes to share her fear of outhouses.  She said they would be too cold in the wintertime.  Mark and Paul joked that outhouses aren't much better in the summertime.  There are some advantages to frozen poo.

What modern conveniences would you miss if you went back in time to the Old West, feel free to drop us a line and sound off:

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