I'm trying to be careful with this so I don't seem "insensitive" to those who are terrified of some microorganism infecting their body, but somethings seem a bit over-the-top for me.

I used to work at a place in Idaho in a nice new building.  Everything was pristine and smelled of "new"; however, for some reason someone felt the need to vandalize the bathroom by throwing paper towels all over the place.  I couldn't figure it out at first.  There were no kids in the building (at least, not on a daily basis), yet for some reason there were towels in the floor, on the sink, next to the door, etc.  Every day.

Finally, I caught the person.  I happened to walk in as my coworker James was exiting using a paper towel to grab the door handle, which he simply let fall to the floor as he walked out.

"James, what the hell?" I said as he hurried past me.  He looked back and just said, "Germs man."

I was annoyed.  The guy should wear gloves if he's that paranoid about a bathroom door handle and honestly, if you can get taken out by a door handle, maybe evolution is trying to tell you that you're just not good enough.

I saw this sign at a Taco Time in Washington last week and apparently using a paper towel to open the door is now their standard procedure.