Have you ever really wondered what is in a hot dog?  As a kid I know I didn't care, but as an adult, I'm a tad grossed out.

I first became fascinated about this when I saw an episode of "How It's Made" on Discovery Communications.

I've heard all the gross stories about parts of peoples fingers and rat droppings over the years.

After doing a little research I have discovered that the general ingredients of a hot dog are, meat trimmings, usually pork and beef, they can also be made with chicken and turkey.

Fat and flavorings like salt, garlic and paprika are added and let's not forget about those ever so healthy preservatives, or cure as they are typically called.

(Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

While hot dogs are being made they may not look so appetizing, but the finished product is still flying off the shelves.

To my surprise, there is a difference between a wiener and a frank.

If you like wieners, and who doesn't, they tend to contain more pork and are blander in taste.

If you like your dog beefier and tastier, then go for the frank, they are generally made with more beef and with more seasoning.

And don't even get me started on the whole Kosher thing.

Do you still eat hot dogs? Do you let your kids eat them?