Summer is on in Billings. Things have been hot and they have had me dying to hit the water. Fishing, swimming...doesn't matter as long as the water is there and a lot of it.

When I was a kid my dad with take me out on the police boat to patrol the river. He'd let me drive on occasion and one of the best things about it was when we would stop and I would jump in to swim.

On a hot summer day nothing felt better than the cool water as I jumped in.

These were some of the best memories I had as a kid with my dad. On those days, anything was a possibility. He taught me a lot about the water and showed me so many fun things about it too.

These days it's me, my wife and kids out there. We start by fishing and depending on how that goes it ends up being a swim fest. Now the memories are with me and my kids.

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