You may have noticed that I was not on my show last Friday afternoon. No, I wasn't just taking the day off. I actually had a legitimate reason for not helping you "Claw Your Way Home" on Cat Country 102.9.

The previous night my wife woke to excruciating pain and ended up going to the hospital. This is not normal at all for her so I knew something was very wrong. Turns out she has developed gallstones and if you know anything about them you know they are in no way any fun.

She was in no shape to take care of the kids so I decided to stay home to take care of things.

One of those things was cooking. What a challenge that was!

Everyone had to eat so I gave it the very best shot I could.

On the menu? Pot Roast.

Sounds simple enough but I my talents don't include cooking. I've never been very good at it unless it involves a grill which this did not.

Luckily I have some pretty good friends in and around Billings that were able to help walk me through the process.

I got it cooked, added carrots and strawberries for flair and no one died.

Mission accomplished!

Have you ever been put in a situation where you had to act but weren't sure of what you were doing? Tell me about it.